Lampung Health Bureau noted that during the week 338 travelers tested positive for COVID-19

There are 338 travelers who have tested positive for COVID-19 in 7 isolation stations

Bandarlampung (medialnews) – The Lampung (Dinkes) Provincial Health Bureau noted that in the week the isolation took place, there were 338 COVID-19 positive homecomers.

“Over the past week, 338 travelers have been confirmed positive for COVID-19 in 7 isolation stations,” Lampung provincial health bureau chief Reihana said on Saturday in Bandarlampung.

According to him, 338 travelers confirmed positive for COVID-19 came from several regions.

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“Coming from a number of areas such as Aceh, Bengkulu, Yogyakarta, West Java, Jakarta to some of Sulawesi and Pontianak,” he said.

He explained that 338 travelers confirmed positive for COVID-19 are currently undergoing independent isolation at a number of isolation locations in southern Lampung Regency, central Lampung and the city of Bandarlampung.

“Those who are confirmed positive for COVID-19 without symptoms will be isolated for 10 days in isolation, while those who are symptomatic will be treated at the nearest hospital,” he said.

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He said that during the week of isolation, 37,931 travelers underwent rapid antigen testing.

“Of the 7 isolation stations, there were 37,931 people who tested positive for the antigen and 338 people who were confirmed positive for COVID-19. Most of the cases were asymptomatic,” he said. said.

In detail, at the rest area at km 172, the rest area of ​​the Trans Sumatra toll road, 5,158 people underwent a rapid antigen test, in the rest area at km 87 B, there were 7,076 people and in rest area 20B there were 9,904 people.

In addition, at Bakauheni port post, 7,041 people underwent the rapid antigen test, Bandar Bakau Jaya port post had 2,345 people, Simpang Hatta post had 4,682 people, and Staying Post IV there were 1,752. people who have had the rapid antigen test. .

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Journalist: Ruth Intan Sozometa Kanafi
Editor: Agus Salim

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