KRL Solo-Yogyakarta passenger numbers decline during Ramadan and Eid

The hope is that this will become a positive trend for people who are aware to follow the lead of the government of not having a lot of mobility.

Solo (medialnews) –
The number of commuter line or KRL passengers for the Solo-Yogyakarta route declined during Ramadan and Lebaran 2021, becoming a positive trend amid restrictions on community activities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The hope is that this will become a positive trend for people who are aware of following the government’s direction of not having a lot of mobility or only for urgent needs when eliminating the return home,” said Adly Hakim, KAI Commuter External Relations Manager, when contacted. from Solo, Monday.

He said that if you look at it from the average number of passengers, this month of May has decreased compared to April 2021. Based on the data, the average number of passengers per day in April was 6,000 KRL users, while in May it fell to 3,700. Passengers / day.

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In fact, he said, in this month of fasting, the number of users has decreased compared to before entering Ramadan. On working days for KRL Solo-Jogja the number of passengers is approximately 7,000 users / day.

“On vacation, there may be over 10,000 users / day, but in this month of Ramadan, the trend is down, people are not very active,” he said.

He said that even during the Eid holiday, the number of passengers also showed a downward trend, namely up to 2,000 users on Eid day or May 13, 2021. This figure shows a slight downward trend. increase on the second day of Eid ie 3500 users and on the third day of Eid or Saturday (5/15) save up to 6,200 users.

“This Saturday there is mobility, but it is still below average before the fasting month,” he said.

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Meanwhile, although the number of users declined, he said, during Ramadan and Lebaran, there was no change in the KRL travel schedule or the Prambanan Express train (Prameks ). He said the Solo-Jogja KRL was still serving up to 20 trips / day and eight Prameks train trips.

“After the Eid holiday, the opening hours are also in accordance with the regulations in force, the frequency from the beginning of May until the end of the restriction period to return home is the same,” he said. -he declares.

Journalist: Aris Wasita
Editor: Nusarina Yuliastuti

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