KPK sends fate of 75 employees who do not forward TWK to KemenpanRB

The KPK will not lay off the 75 employees until a decision by the KemenpanRB is made.

medialnews, JAKARTA – The Commission for the Eradication of Corruption (KPK) submitted 75 names that failed the National Insight Test (TWK) to the Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and bureaucratic reform (Kemenpan RB) and the State Civil Service Agency (BKN). This was done on the basis of the decision of a joint management meeting with the supervisory board (Dewas) and structural officials of the KPK.

“The KPK will coordinate with KemenPAN RB and BKN regarding the follow-up of 75 employees who have been declared MSD (ineligible),” KPK General Secretary Cahya H. Harefa said at a press conference on Wednesday (5 / 5).

Cahya said that until there is an explanation from the KemenPAN RB and BKN, the KPK will not fire the 75 employees who were declared to be in default. Cahya continued, the decision regarding the 75 names would be submitted to the ministry for processing according to law.

“Until now, the KPK has never declared having dismissed an employee who did not meet the conditions until a new decision has been taken in accordance with the legislation relating to ASN”, he said. declared.

Based on information, a number of KPK employees had to be fired because they had failed the TWK. Among those fired were a senior investigator, Novel Baswedan, a number of task force leaders, the KPK staff base management and other high performing KPK employees.

KPK chairman Firli Bahuri was reluctant to confirm Novel Baswedan’s name, who was said not to pass TWK. He said the KPK never released the names of those who did not pass the test.

“If there are any names circulating, please ask who released the names, which is certainly not the KPK,” said Firli Bahuri.

Firli said the TWK results document, which was received on April 27 until it opened when the results were announced on Wednesday (5/5), was still sealed and kept in a safe. He continued, the opening of the seal of the document was observed by all KPK structural officials from echelons 1 and 2, all members of the supervisory board (dewas), the leadership of the KPK and even documented by the KPK public relations team.

However, Firli was also reluctant to reveal the dozens of names that failed in the TWK. He said that the names that did not pass the TWK would be released after a decree from the KPK General Secretariat.

The police commissioner general argued that this was done to enforce human rights (HAM). He admitted that he was concerned that the disclosure of the names of employees who failed TWK would have an impact on the family and the environment around the employee.

“We will communicate 75 names to the secretary general after the publication of the decision letter, because we do not want to spread the problems,” said Firli Bahuri.

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