KM Wicly sinks in violation of the rules, a freighter but carries passengers

VIVA – The ship KM Wicly Jaya Sakti which sank in the middle of the sea, Tanjung Jabung Timur Regency, Jambi, broke the regulations. Namely, when he was about to leave for Dabo, Riau Islands.

Compiled information VIVA, the abuse of this rule was revealed by the Nipah Panjang Class III Port Administration Unit Office. Now, on this matter, an investigation is still ongoing.

Shahbandar leader Anhar once confirmed said that KM Wicly, before sinking, initially left the town of Takang Dulu Jambi for the purpose of Dabo Singkep. But on the way, the ship first stopped at Nipah Panjang to pick up passengers.

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After that, continue to the Lokan River to pick up the passengers. But right in the middle of the sea, the ship sank immediately after being hit by big waves.

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