KKP Creates Energy-Efficient Pond Water Wheels

the national component content level is greater than 50 percent

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), through the Polytechnic of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in Sidoarjo, East Java, created and developed wheels innovative hydraulic systems with low energy consumption made from local raw materials and respectful of the environment.

The head of the KKP’s research and human resources agency, Sjarief Widjaja, in a statement in Jakarta on Monday said the innovation was to support the KKP’s three groundbreaking programs in 2021-2024.

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The three steps forward, he said, are first to increase government non-tax revenue (PNBP) from natural resources from capture fisheries to improve the welfare of fishermen.

Second, he continued, is the development of aquaculture to increase exports. Meanwhile, the third is the development of fishing villages based on local wisdom.

“The innovation of basin wheels at Polytechnic KP SIdoarjo supports in particular the second and third points,” he said.

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He explained that the waterwheel is one of the means of aquaculture which plays a very important role in creating the conditions for there to be a balance in the pond water ecosystem.

According to him, the waterwheel plays a role in supplying oxygen to the pond waters and helps in the process of fertilizing and mixing characteristics of the upper and lower layers of the pond water. The operation of the waterwheel also cleans the dirt from the bottom of the ponds to stabilize the water quality.

“The importance of using waterwheels in fish and shrimp cultivation, especially those that are carried out intensively, has posed its own problems. Waterwheels on the market are relatively expensive and have costs. operation and maintenance, ”he said.

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Seeing this condition, KP Sidoarjo Polytechnic made a technological innovation of energy-saving water wheel from local materials, so that in case of damage, the maintenance is light and the spare parts are easy to obtain.

According to the director of KP Sidoarjo Polytechnic Muhammad Hery Riyadi Alauddin, the wheel under development has a national component content level of over 50 percent.

“This waterwheel construction has an electric motor with a power consumption of 0.5 HP 1 phase, where equipment and the chain as a power transmission can reduce engine speed from 1400 rpm to 110 rpm, ”he explained.

In addition, he said, development efforts were continuously carried out in cooperation with other parties.

Previously, on March 3, 2021, KP Sidoarjo Polytechnic had signed a cooperation agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding with PT. Barata Indonesia (Persero) at the proud national exhibition held in Indonesia at Mandalika Lombok, west of Nusa Tenggara.

It is planned to use the waterwheel to support the national aquaculture program, especially shrimp farming.

In addition, according to Hery Riyadi, this energy-efficient pond water wheel has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights through the KKP Intellectual Property Center to obtain a patent. This factory is also in the process of obtaining certification of Indonesian National Standard from National Certification Agency.

Reporter: Mr. Razi Rahman
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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