KKB shooting, Papua police ask people not to leave Ilaga at night: National Okezone

JAYAPURA – Papua Chief Inspector General of Police Pol Mathius Fakhiri asked TNI-Polri staff not to be provoked by various shootings by armed criminal groups (KKB).

“Don’t be easily provoked because that’s what they want the members to leave, so that the KKB can attack and carry out the fire,” Fakhiri told Jayapura on Friday.

He admitted that currently, members have started to enforce the law in Beoga regarding the KKB shooting, and it is estimated that the group will start moving to various areas, including Ilaga.

According to him, members were on alert and civilians, especially motorcycle drivers, had been told not to serve passengers leaving Ilaga.

“The Puncak police chief gathered motorcycle taxi drivers and was urged not to operate outside of Ilaga, in order to prevent a crime from occurring,” Fakhiri said, adding that s’ they did not take it into account, violence would be a risk. face.

As for members, the former deputy chief of police for West Papua and Papua believes that victims among the TNI-Polri may increase the KKB’s logistical supply, both with firearms and ammunition. .

According to him, this had to be avoided, so that when he heard gunshots, it was not necessary to immediately move and leave the station as that was what the KKB expected, given that she knew more about the field.

“With all ranks of TNI-Polri, I am doing our best to restore security conditions in the mountainous areas, including Intan Jaya and Puncak,” Papua Chief Inspector General of Police Pol Fakhiri said.

In April, four civilians were killed after being shot dead by KKB in Puncak Regency, including two working as teachers, a student and a motorcycle taxi driver.


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