Khofifah asked Bank Jatim to support MSMEs to penetrate foreign markets

Surabaya (medialnews) – East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa, representing the East Java provincial government as controlling shareholder of Bank Jatim, urged the financial institution to continue helping MSMEs enter markets foreigners.

“In the future, we want to remain focused on the ability to provide assistance to MSMEs and to provide financing and strengthening of MSMEs so that they can penetrate domestic and foreign markets,” said Khofifah, as he said was attending the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for 2020 Financial Year (AGMS 2020) in Bromo Hall, Bank Jatim Headquarters, 5th Floor, Surabaya, Monday.

This former Minister of Social Affairs also expressed his gratitude for the support of Bank Jatim so far which continues to strengthen MSMEs.

Khofifah also gave his appreciation of the digitization of the system which has been carried out by Bank Jatim, so that it becomes an important note in the framework of the expansion of the digitization of the system which is to be carried out and adapted by all financial institutions. in Indonesia.

In the meantime, in the GMS 2020, there has been a change of management, namely Bank Jatim which dismissed the members of the Council of Commissioners whose term of office had ended, namely President Commissioner Akhmad Sukardi, Commissioner Budi Setiawan , Independent Commissioner Candra Fajri Ananda and Commissioner Rudi Purwono.

During the meeting, he also agreed to reappoint Candra Fajri Ananda as independent commissioner. For the composition of the Board of Commissioners of Bank Jatim after the implementation of the AGM 2020 for the independent commissioner Muhammad Mas’ud and the commissioner Heru Tjahjono

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Reporter: To Malik Ibrahim
Editor: Subagyo

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