Ken Setiawan urges police to be alert to possible Lone Wolf action: Munarman sympathizers are enough

medialnews – NII Crisis Center founder Ken Setiawan called on the ranks of the Indonesian National Police (Polri) to raise awareness of the possibility of acts of terror following the arrest of former FPI secretary Munarman.

Acts of terror, especially those committed alone or lone wolfThis could happen given that Munarman has a number of supporters.

“The authorities must also increase their vigilance, as the arrest of Munarman could trigger a terrorist network lone wolf. There are quite a few supporters of Munarman in Indonesia, ”said Ken, contacted by, Tuesday evening (04/27/2021).

However, Ken pointed out that the acts of terrorism were committed by the lone wolf more attention.

Para lone wolf who usually do not have a group, Ken continued, their existence and activities often go unnoticed by the security forces.

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“Those who join groups such as JI and JAD are still monitored by the authorities. But if they are FPI sympathizers / lone wolf could be separated from the supervision of the authorities, ”said Ken.

In addition, Ken Setiawan also appreciated the decision of the Densus 88 counterterrorism team to arrest Munarman.

It is hoped that other mentors of terrorism will be arrested soon.

“I appreciate the steps taken by the authorities to arrest Munarman. Apart from that, I hope to take immediate action against mentors of other acts of terrorism,” Ken Setiawan concluded.

Previously, Munarman had been arrested by the Densus 88 police counterterrorism team.

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