Kayu Putih sub-district chief corrects circular asking company for takjil

So I did not immediately use the letter

Jakarta (medialnews) – Kayu Putih urban village chief Artika Ristiana confirmed news on social media about a circular asking to provide takjil to businesses.

Artika Risitiana, confirmed by medialnews in Jakarta on Monday, said the letter was a form of action from DKI Jakarta Provincial Secretary, 2021 instruction number 40 regarding Ramadan 1442H / 2021 activity series at DKI Jakarta.

“Large-scale social collaboration (KSBB) for food is one of a series of activities. What does it look like? In the form of distributing iftar or takjil menus to local residents of Kayu Putih neighborhood, in slums and poor areas, and distributed to people around, ”Artika said.

Artika Ristiana added that one of the ways to implement the KSBB program is to collaborate with businesses in the area of ​​Kayu Putih village.

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In addition, Artika said that his party held meetings at the provincial and urban village level and also invited representatives of environmental companies from Kayu Putih about the planned collaboration event for Ramadan.

“We also organized a meeting at the village level to invite related parties, business leaders, even if they were represented. We let leaders know that during the month of Ramadan, we are organizing collaborative Ramadan activities in the form of distributing iftar menus to slum dwellers. and poor neighborhoods, ”he explained.

He also admitted that he didn’t expect it to go viral as his party was believed to have extorted the company.

In this regard, Artika also pointed out that what he had done was in line with what had been discussed previously.

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“So I don’t immediately use a letter. I always invite the concerned company to come to the Kayu Putih urban village office for a meeting,” he added.

Journalist: Yogi Rachman
Editor: Edy Sujatmiko

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