Kartini Day, the regent of Bogor urged women to care about the environment

Cibinong, Bogor (medialnews) – Bogor Regent Ade Yasin urges housewives to care about the environment by running a program “Green and clean kabupatenku“.

“It really involves the role of women, namely how to sort, recycle and recover household waste. It is important because this waste is also one of the factors causing flooding,” he said during the event. of the commemoration of Kartini Day in Cibinong, Bogor. Wednesday.

According to him, the environmental protection program was also described in the regent’s instruction to each village and sub-district so that everyone has an environmentally friendly village (KRL) as a place for waste sorting. from their source.

It is currently focusing on environmental protection as an early preventive measure of natural disasters in the regency of Bogor. Especially in its area, there is an upstream of the Ciliwung River.

“One of our environmental conservation efforts is planting tens of thousands of vetifera en masse in the natural disaster red zone,” said Ade Yasin.

Not only by planting trees, the government of Bogor Regency (Pemkab) will also build five reservoirs by cooperating with neighboring local governments (Pemda) and the central government.

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Bogor Regent Ade Yasin inspecting the land for the future Puncak Route II, Bogor Regency, West Java. (medialnews / HO-Government of the Regency of Bogor)

The five reservoirs are scattered in several areas, namely Sukamahi Reservoir in Megamendung, Ciawi Reservoir, Narogong Reservoir, Cibeet and Cijurey in collaboration with the central government.

“It is a form of our seriousness in dealing with disaster issues in flood prone areas. We have also collaborated and communicated with partner cities such as Bekasi, Jakarta and Depok to prevent natural disasters from happening,” said the politician responsible for the PPP.

Ade Yasin said, Bogor Regency has nine rivers, two of which flow directly to Jakarta, such as Cisadane and Ciliwung. Then there are seven river routes that often cause flooding namely Cileungsi, Cikeas, Cidurian, Ciaruten, Cisadane, Cibeet and Ciliwung which flow into Jakarta.

The regencies of Bogor and Bekasi have collaborated as indicated in the Memorandum of Understanding on pollution control and waste control in the rivers of Cileungsi and Cikeas.

“Flood management must be upstream, middle and downstream, integrated and in collaboration with several areas such as the city of Bogor, DKI Jakarta and Bekasi,” he said.
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Reporter: Mr. Fikri Setiawan
Editor: Sri Muryono

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