Jami Assalafiyah Mosque to eliminate this year’s Ramadan iktikaf activities

Usually, the mosque located in the tomb area of ​​Pangeran Jayakarta regularly holds iktikaf activities on the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan.

Jakarta (medialnews) – Jami Assalafiyah Mosque, located in Jatinegara Kaum, east of Jakarta, has canceled its activities during Ramadan this year because it is still in a pandemic atmosphere.

“This year there is no (iktikaf),” Mosque President Jami Assalafiyah Suhendar said on Saturday when he was confirmed in Jakarta.

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Suhendar said that generally the mosque, which is located in the tomb area of ​​Pangeran Jayakarta, regularly holds iktikaf activities on the last 10 nights of the month of Ramadan.

However, Suhendar said other worship activities such as tarawih to break the fast together are still being held in this mosque.

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“Tarawih’s activities are also limited by people. Most of them are local residents. Because there are also many prayer rooms here, each RT has a prayer room that performs tarawih,” he said.

Regarding the application of health protocols, Suhendar said that the mosque leadership also prepared a number of facilities such as a hand washing area at the front of the mosque, and required the use of masks for the faithful.

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Jami Assalafiyah Mosque was built in 1620 by Prince Jayakarta or known as Achmad Djakerta in an attempt to escape when pursued by COV troops.

Historically, this mosque was not only a place of worship, but was also used by Prince Jayakarta and his followers in managing VOC war strategies.

Journalist: Yogi Rachman
Editor: Ganet Dirgantara

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