Jababeka alerts special task force to tackle heavy rains in Cikarang

INDONESIAMAGZ – Heavy rainfall in Bekasi district since Thursday 18 February 2021 last night until today is impacting a number of areas there. At least more than 37 villages in 17 sub-districts which were submerged until Saturday February 20, 2021, have not escaped part of the Jababeka Cikarang region which has also felt the impact.

Based on the BPBD report from West Java, the flooding that hit the area of ​​Bekasi district was caused by very high rainfall in the last 3 days. This high amount of precipitation has also increased the water flow in a number of rivers that flow through Bekasi District, such as Cijambe River, Sadang River, Bekasi River, Cibeet River, Cilemahabang River, Cipegadungan and the Citarum River.

“We are also concerned about the current situation where some areas of the Jababeka Phase 2 industrial zone and residential areas are flooded due to the overflow of water from the river flowing through parts of the Jababeka region. We urge to increase awareness and support of all citizens to face the possibilities that exist. Jababeka water management general manager Waryoto said in a statement received Sunday (2/21/2021).

In addition, he said that PT. Jababeka Tbk (“the company”) has deployed a special task force to deal with further flooding which could occur this time at the height of the rainy season.

“The Jababeka water management team has been deployed since September 2020, to control and monitor water flow at a number of points and we will provide periodic updates to residents regarding conditions on the ground. and the information we get from the Bekasi district government. ” Said Waryoto.

In addition, the Jababeka water management team operated a number of large capacity water pumps to tackle a number of flooded areas.

At the same time, Eric Limansantoso, Managing Director of Corporate Marketing of Jababeka, said: “We have formed a Jababeka Emergency Response Team ready to help Jababeka residents if they need a evacuation and logistics delivery to the field. ”

Jababeka has prepared a number of inflatable boats throughout the area which can be used by residents. Not only that, Jababeka also provided a number of evacuation points and flood stations in Jababeka area, namely at water treatment plant 1, water treatment plant 2, l ‘Pecenongan intersection, Blok MM bridge and APL intersection for Jababeka industrial zone 3.

Jababeka also distributed a number of basic necessities to residents affected by the floods. This assistance is not only coming from Jababeka but also from a number of donors, the regional government, Jababeka tenants and local residents.

“We continue to coordinate and cooperate with various parties, including assistance from the police, TNI, BPBD and regional government as well as members of the Bekasi Regency DPRD and society, and continue to alert a 24 hour special task force to anticipate and deal with floods. . “Said Eric Limansantoso.

“We have also carried out field visits and assessments for prevention and anticipation efforts going forward,” said Vega Violetta, Jababeka’s tenant relations manager. He also hopes that the flood disaster this time around can pass and return to normal.

Even though the flooding in Jababeka is now under control, residents who need information or assistance with evacuation can directly contact the hotline of the Jababeka Special Working Group on hotline 0812 87694249.



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