It is the point of containment of the return to the port of Merak

VIVA – Traffic engineering and checkpoints around the port of Merak, Cilegon City, Banten, has not changed compared to last year. The post is in front of the Merak Toll Gate (GT), Gerem below and in front of the Merak Port Gate.

“The lockdown in Merak itself is in Gerem Atas (GT Merak), Gerem Bawah and in front of the KSKP (front door) of Merak. (The lockdown) is like last year,” the inspector said on Thursday. Police General of Istiono at the police headquarters. , April 22, 2021.

People who return home before May 6, 2021, or about two weeks before Eid, will not be subject to sanctions or distortions. Passengers can still freely cross the Sunda Strait from the port of Merak and Bakauheni.

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