It is the figure of Atta Ulkarim, a carpet entrepreneur, endorsed by Raffi Ahmad and other great artists

medialnews – Last name Atta Ulkarim Recently, he has appeared frequently on several YouTube channels for major artists, including Ahmad Dhani’s Legend Video Channel. Atta also recently has a Youtube channel and has performed with some great artists.

Yes, Atta Ulkarim is a carpet entrepreneur and owns a large carpet store called Al Barkat. Not by chance, clients are great artists for high officials. Although he was reluctant to name the officials who were his clients, a number of names such as Hemansyah’s family, Sungkar, Raffi Ahmad, Baim Wong and the late Sheikh Ali Jaber were his clients.

“Actually, artists have been subscribed for a long time. The officials are also there. But indeed, I recently posted this recently. If the artist was the first to become a client, I forgot a few,” he said during a meeting in Jakarta some time ago. .

1. Prioritize friendship

Not only as a seller and a buyer, Atta prioritizes friendship with its consumers. It is therefore not uncommon for her to have a relationship with the artists not only during the sale but just as between friends.

“With friendship we can be close, that’s what money can’t buy. So we’ll keep in touch. If they can’t come here, I can go to their house, if they can come. here I will provide Pakistani food as well, ”he said.

2. Hi

Atta was also welcomed by these great artists. They not only view Atta as a carpet seller, but as a friend.

“They are, thank God, happy, because if I make friends I am sincere and selfless, if I am kind to them, thank God they are often kind to me, so I am very grateful,” he said. he says.

3. Recognition of having trusted

Atta was grateful because he had the confidence of great artists. He felt that he was just an ordinary person but that he could be friends with major artists or with officials.

“I feel proud and grateful thousands of times because I am an ordinary person, but Allah gives me extraordinary blessings so that I can be friends with Raffi Ahmad, the Ashanty family, Ahmad Dhani and Atta Halilintar,” he said. he concluded.

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