IPB tops the Mobile Legends tournament between SWC campuses

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) team won first place in the inter-campus Mobile Legeds: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournament, the Student Warchief Championship (SWC).

Representative of the IPB team, Sholahudin Aditya Al Ayyubi or who is called Dital, is grateful for the support his team has received from the big group stage to become champions, given the many twists and turns he went through during the SWC. tournament.

“Those who already support the same, eg gaffes, hate IPB, thank you for your input and support. We accept everything and hopefully IPB can get even better in the future.” Added Dital again, “in a written statement on Monday.

The grand final, Sunday (2/5), is the highlight of the entire SWC tournament that has been going on since April 16.

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A total of 32 challenger campus teams and eight campuses that are members of UNITY Student Warchief faced each other to win the championship title and in the end the UDINUS campus, which was persistent and persistent, was able to continue to challenge the IPB team.

During their journey with SWC, the UDINUS team kept trying to present a strong match to every opponent they came across.

Along with eight other campuses, UDINUS made it to the playoffs and had to work extra hard for being part of the lower team.

Through round 1, UDINUS managed to lock up the Ciputra University team and UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta in round 2.

The hard work didn’t stop there, UDINUS was still being intercepted by other top teams. There is Tanjungpura University in the bottom disc round 3 and Gunadarma University in the bottom disc final.

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When UDINUS faced Gunadarma University, he missed a point at the start. Though they eventually managed to turn things around and secure a place for the grand finale.

In the peak phase, the gigantic IPB team, always dominating in every match, seems solid.

The IPB team did not give UDINUS the opportunity to steal points from the best-of-five system that was implemented in every match session. Three heavy blows from IPB automatically halted UDINUS ‘journey to reach the highest rank of SWC.

The Dian Nuswantoro University (UDINUS) team came second and Gunadarma University third in the tournament, which was held entirely online.

SWC is a tournament organized by the UniPin Community (UNITY) as part of UniPin. UNITY also regularly organizes education and development of the esports campus community through other activities such as webinars.

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Reporter: Arindra Meodia
Editor: Bayu Kuncahyo

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