IPB-BNI collaborates to develop agricultural businesses

Bogor (medialnews) – IPB University and BNI Bank are collaborating to support the advancement of agriculture in Indonesia by providing the best service to students and funding assistance to agricultural microenterprises.

On Sunday, IPB University Chancellor Arif Satria at the Dramaga IPB Campus said that IPB University would like to thank BNI Bank for providing a fresh market or market for fresh vegetables at the agro-park site. Industrial and Technological Institute of the Agricultural University of Bogor (ATP IPB). , in the village of Cikarawang, Dramaga, Bogor and tissue culture in the IPB plantation of Sukamantri Bogor.

“When BNI provides something of value to IPB University, it means BNI is helping to advance Indonesian agriculture,” he said.

The collaboration between BNI Bank and IPB University to date is conducted in an effort to provide the best student service as well as financing in the agricultural sector.

BNI Deputy Director Adi Sulistyowati visited Dramaga Bogor IPB Campus, also led cycling and melon harvesting at IPB ATP in Cikarawang village, Dramaga, Bogor.

On the occasion of the visit, BNI conducted a socialization on “BNI Mobile Banking, Auction Program and Games” on the IPB campus of Dramaga Bogor.

According to Adi Sulistyowati, IPB University has a major role in mentoring microenterprises in the agricultural sector, so BNI is there to collaborate in the financial support of microenterprises in agriculture.

“This collaboration is wonderful. I am happy to see IPB University with its extraordinary innovation. I am amazed that IPB University is building a populist economy in the communities around campus,” he said.

Adi Sulistyowati underlined that BNI supports the assistance initiatives carried out by the IPB University for MSMEs in the agricultural sector in the communities around the campus.

According to him, BNI is brought to contribute to help the capital sector in order to jointly promote small farmers around the IPB village of Dramaga Bogor.
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Journalist: Riza Harahap
Editor: Royke Sinaga

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