Inviting his son to Belitung, the Menparekraf offers a concept of a destination school

Indonesiaiamagz – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno carried out a series of working visit activities in Belitung for two days, from 05 until February 06, 2021.

During his stay in Belitung, he visited several tourist destinations that are likely to attract local, national and foreign tourists. A number of points visited by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, namely, Batu Itam Tourist Village, Juru Seberang Geosite, Eggplant Creative Tourism Village, Peramun Hill Geosite, for try the triathlon route in Tanjung Kelayang SEZ area.

During his visit, the Menparekraf discussed at length the conditions of tourism and the creative economy amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Accompanied by the governor of Bangka Belitung, the regent and elements of community leaders, Sandiaga Uno saw and heard firsthand the complaints and the difficulties encountered by the actors of tourism of Belitung.

“Tourism products and creative economy products in Belitung in particular and Bangka Belitung in general are of good quality but due to the Covid 19 pandemic, according to the story, they have fallen to between 80 and 90 percent” , he said at a typical souvenir shop in Belitung center, Klapa on Saturday (02/06/2021).

He continued once again, this Covid-19 pandemic must indeed be faced with creative thinking so that it can transform and create innovation to revive tourism and improve the economy of the inhabitants of Belitung.

Menparekraf also said that tourism players need to be smart in reading the market opportunities that tourists need. By having to increase collaboration and digital transformation to attract more tourist enthusiasts.

When he went to Belitung, Menparekraf brought his youngest son, Sulaiman. Then he also proposed a concept to tourism stakeholders to create family vacations without disturbing school activities, especially through the school at the destination.

“So even during the holidays, children can still learn with the existing facilities in these destinations. For example, in hotels that have internet networks and educational tourist destinations that children don’t get in school, like seeing tarsiers, this is a direct learning process, ”he said. -he declares.

He continued, with the availability of educational tourism destinations, this can certainly create opportunities for tourism players to attract tourists. According to him, this is a new variant that can be tried out to be opened in Belitung and other regions.



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