Imran Tajuddin, from Papua Apply to tvOne

VIVA – I don’t know the word to give up. Repeatedly rejected on local television, Imran Tajuddin tried again to apply, as well as on national television. He was accepted and chose to become a tvOne reporter.

Imran Tajuddin was born and raised in Papua. He was born in Nabire on March 14, 1993. His parents from Bugis emigrated to Papua.

Graduated from high school, Imran in Makassar. He studied at the Indonesian Muslim University of Makassar (UMM) with a degree program in Civil Engineering.

Graduated from the university at the end of 2015, he started a new professional life. He is interested in the world of television journalism. He also sent applications to local television in Makassar.

Unfortunately, his request was rejected. He had four refusals on local television in Makassar. He did not give up, he returned to send his application to another local television station. Eventually accepted, but he only acted for 3 months as his candidacy for national television was also accepted.

He then chose to join tvOne at the end of 2016 by hosting journalists in tvOne’s JDP program. At that time, Imran was returning to his hometown to live with his parents in Papua. While watching tvOne there was an advertisement for accepting journalists, he immediately tried to send in an application.

Response to the letter of application. Imran was called to Jakarta to take the test. “Alhamdulillah, he turned out to be a companion. Whereas before I tried local TV in Makassar several times, but it was rejected by local TV there,” Imran Tajuddin recalled on Saturday. , this week.

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