I’m safe here, no need to secure

VIVA – Jozeph Paul Zhang stressed that he would not return to Indonesia. He pointed this out after being reported on suspicion of blasphemy because he claimed to be the 26th Prophet.

He also chose to live abroad even though many relatives still live in Indonesia.

“I’m not going back to Indonesia, I’m not going back to Indonesia, I’m not going home. I still have a lot of family in Indonesia. In fact, some of my relatives are dead. I did not come home. Why? Because I walked the road I took, “Jozeph in a video at Youtube city VIVA, Wednesday April 21, 2021.

Regarding the controversial statement that made Indonesians riot, Jozeph said he only shared his experiences living in Indonesia.

He also said he had the right to say on the account Youtube-his. According to him, the Indonesian government should not forbid him to tell his story.

“It’s my right to this story Youtube I am Zoom me, I pay Zoom Yes No? I can not. It’s good for the government people here, why not me, no. You don’t have the right to ban me either, ”he said.

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