Hundreds of firecrackers exploded when several residents of Tulungagung were injured

Tulungagung, East Java (medialnews) – At least nine young people had to be rushed to hospital with severe burns all over their bodies following the massive explosion of hundreds of paper firecrackers they were making in one of the victims’ homes in Sukorejo Wetan Village, Tulungagung, East Java. Monday (10/5) night.

No injuries were reported as a result of this incident. However, five of the nine young people who were taken to Dr. Iskak Hospital were still in critical condition and unconscious on Tuesday morning.

The burns they suffered reached 50%, especially to the thighs, groin, hands and face.

“The patient’s condition was so bad that he had to have an intervention (medical emergency) in the red zone of the emergency room,” said Moch Rifai, public relations manager at RSUD, Dr Iskak Tulungagung.

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The explosion itself occurred around 10:00 PM WIB.

The admission of one of the victims who was still conscious while awaiting further treatment at IGD RSUD Dr Iskak, MZA, the incident occurred while they were performing the final stages of making the Eid firecrackers.

“There was a firecracker that exploded when the fuse was closed and grabbed hundreds of other firecrackers that we were assembling,” MZA said on the face, hands and several parts of the body.

MZA is a little more fortunate than five colleagues still critical and treated in the red zone of emergencies. The burns were not too severe. It was within a radius of about three meters from the center of the explosion to avoid being destroyed.

“Many people were involved in making these firecrackers. Everyone was involved, but the worst was the one who was at the center of the explosion,” he said.

Mentioned, a total of 305 pieces of firecrackers they made. Sizes vary from one dimension PVC pipe size, to circumference of 4 dim pipe.

Large firecrackers have been made / produced since the start of the fast.

“Some of them were tested by us to explode, and the remaining 205 were filled with firecracker powder last night and closed the hole at the base of the axis,” he added.

The plan was for the large firecrackers to detonate at night at the end of (month) Ramadan and in the morning after the Eid prayer on the first day of Eid.

But unfortunately the paper firecrackers exploded first in the final stage of assembly.

A source resident in Sukorejo Wetan Village, Rejotangan District, Tulungagung, said the sound of the explosion rang loud and seemed to scream (successively).

The house that was used to make / assemble firecrackers was even badly damaged.

“We are still taking an inventory of the data of the victims. This morning we did the TKP (crime scene) to find out the chronology and the exact cause of the explosion,” said the police chief. from Rejotangan, AKP, Heri Purwanto, confirmed by phone.

Journalist: Destyan H. Sujarwoko
Editor: M Arief Iskandar

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