Household hit by the storm, Nathalie Holscher insists that there is no third party in her relationship with Sule

medialnews – Number Nathalie Holscher indeed viral after suddenly deleting all her photos with Sule. He said the house he had just built with Sule was in trouble.

Even so, he stressed that the internal problems were not the result of a third party. This was confirmed by him through his personal Instagram story.

1. No third party

“Assalamualaikum. My business and Akang are just me and Akang who know. There are no third parties, etc.,” he said.

Putri Delina continued, this mother said her heart loves Sule under all circumstances. “Anyway, my heart still really loves my brother,” he continued.

2. apologize

He also apologized to his family who gave their opinion on this issue. As is known, Nathalia Holscher’s mother, Betty Holscher aka Oma Betty, has previously spoken to the media about her daughter’s house with Sule.

I apologize for my dear family who raged without my knowledge. It’s sad, why do families have to be like this, ”he concluded.

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