His marriage to Indah Permatasari is often filled with Internet users, this is the response of Arie Kriting

medialnews – Arie Kriting never cared about the curious comments of Internet users about their domestic life with Indah Permatasari. As is known, their wedding, which took place on January 12, 2021, was busy being discussed as it was not approved by Indah Permatasari’s mother, Nursyah.

“Yes, it’s okay, people have their own opinions”, he said Arie Kriting during his meeting at M Bloc Space, south of Jakarta, Monday (12/4) yesterday.

1. Cannot ban people’s opinions

According to the comic book and the movie star, everyone is free to have a good or a bad opinion. Arie Kriting also can’t stop people from voicing their opinion.

“There are good opinions, there are bad opinions. We cannot forbid people to have an opinion. So back to ourselves,” he replied casually.

2. Think better of yourself in NTT

Instead of having to comment on her personal life, Arie Kriting hopes netizens will do more positive things, like donating to siblings in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) who are hit by natural disasters.

“If I hope internet users donate to NTT, yes. If possible, take care of our brothers, no need for personal questions, don’t be too dizzy, we just live life like this. and the sisters. We are the ones who need it, ”he concluded.

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