Hippindo asked traders to be more innovative during the pandemic

Jakarta (medialnews) – Secretary-General of the Indonesian Association of Shopping Mall Tenants (Hippindo) Haryanto Pratantara suggested that merchants need to innovate to make it easier for customers during a pandemic.

“Consumers will be dominated by Generation Z. Consumers will prefer to be more convenient, easier, simpler and faster. Provide many choices and enjoyable experiences,” Haryanto said in a written statement received in Jakarta on Thursday.

For that, he continued, every store must innovate to allow loyal customers to continue shopping or to leave an impression during transactions.

Hippindo’s secretary general realizes that conditions amid the corona pandemic are making everything difficult. In addition, rental costs for shopping center tenants have skyrocketed.

“The cost increases every now and then. How to anticipate by making efficiency. It’s also a challenge for tips and tricks for every retailer,” Haryanto said.

Meanwhile, Asj’ari Bali, property management practitioner and member of the GMT Institute, said his party continues to strive to create a model that is not a burden on tenants or tenants. Thus, the performance of the sales department remains excellent.

“As a mall manager, of course, we have to adjust the operating cost bill to the tenants. By communicating with tenants, we are also looking for the best formula, ”said Asj’ari.

The model of adjustment of the operational part to tenants also has consequences. If his party offers a big discount, tenants can of course adjust the cost structure that exists during a pandemic.

“The claims are not constituted, if you choose option 1, there is no problem,” he said.

In the meantime, there are other options, namely if the discount given is not large, there is a risk that the tenant will not be able to pay in full.

“This is what the manager does not expect. But we still have a limitation that the mall has to be operated at a sufficient price. It needs a strategy, a control, a leadership vis-à-vis this cost structure. So that we can find the best solution, “says Asj’ari.

Journalist: Aji Cakti
Editor: Royke Sinaga

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