Halilintar Gen channel has been hacked, all videos are lost, here is Atta Halilintar’s response

medialnewsOn Friday April 16, 2021, Gen Lightning made a scene. The reason is the YouTube account Gen Lightning was hacked and all video content on it was also lost. This news is of course very shocking, especially Atta Halilintar.

In an Instagram post, Atta said that now the YouTube channel name Gen Halilintar has changed to Ethereum Live News.

“The Halilintar Gen Channel is now hacked 17.5 million subscribers on Ethereum Live News, estimated to be from Russia,” Atta said in a video uploaded to his Instagram.

1. His brother’s chain is also a target

Not only Gen Halilintar’s chain, but Tariq was also a target for hackers. Now, Tariq’s YouTube channel is also suffering the same fate. All the videos it contains have been deleted.

“The Tariq Halilintar channel has also been hacked, all videos have been deleted, there are videos in Russian,” he continued.

2. Atta advises Indonesian YouTubers

Not wanting a similar thing to happen to other YouTubers across the country, Atta advised all YouTube account users across the country to remain vigilant and not to casually click on suspicious links.

“Channel Youtube gen lightning lost hacked (hacker) Russia. including my sister channel. This has happened to Indonesian YouTubers a lot. For YouTubers or those with YouTube accounts, be careful. Increase security. Don’t easily trust links on behalf of the official, ”he said.

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