Government guarantees security of national fuel stocks during Eid holidays

National stock resistance for premium reached 27.9 days, Pertamax 24.7 days and diesel fuel 21.3 days. Meanwhile, the availability of LPG is up to 15 days, kerosene is 80.6 days and avtur is sufficient for 76.3 days

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Department of Energy and Mineral Resources, ESDM ensures the availability of national stocks of fuel to meet community needs during Lebaran’s holiday period.

The director general of oil and gas at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Tutuka Ariadji, in his statement in Jakarta on Thursday, said that on the basis of the data real time the quantity of fuel oil and LPG still shows a safe category.

“The resistance of the national stock for premium is 27.9 days, Pertamax 24.7 days and diesel fuel 21.3 days. During this time, the availability of LPG reaches 15 days, kerosene 80.6 days and the advance is enough for 76.3 days, ”he said. Tutuka Ariadji.

He explained that in general, the state of stocks and distribution of fuel during Ramadan and the Eid holidays increased by 9.2 days compared to the normal average. At the same time, the distribution of LPG increased by 2.5 days compared to normal conditions and the distribution of avtur increased by 1.4 days compared to the average normal stock.

The government, through the public energy sector company PT Pertamina (Persero), has made various efforts to ensure the energy sufficiency of the community, including increasing the stock and volume of fuel distribution by anticipation of increasing community needs.

Pertamina noted that gasoline distribution increased by 8.0%, diesel by 2.0%, LPG increased by 5.4% and avtur decreased by 3.8% compared to the average. normal.

Currently 7,469 service stations are alerted, or 3,608 units in Java and 3,861 outside Java with non-cash payment technology. Meanwhile, the number of SPBBEs on alert was 667 units, of which PSO agents reached 4,152 units and non-PSO 820 units.

Pertamina also provides avtur services to 68 DPPU and maintains the availability of lubricants at SPBI and distribution systems, such as 114 TBBM and 23 TLPG.

To meet the needs of the community, Pertamina provides additional services for fuel oil and LPG, such as 148 units of emergency tank cars, 23 units of Pertashop, 193 motorist, two points mobile fuel dispenser, and 48,207 LPG agent points as well exit LPG on standby.

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Journalist: Sugiharto Purnama
Editor: Ahmad Buchori

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