Gono Gini’s assets not contained in lawsuit, Thalita Latief calls Dennis Lyla living with him

medialnews – Divorce hearing Thalita latief with Dennis lyla continues again and this time in a new chapter, namely the reading of the trial. The trial was attended by Thalita Latief and her lawyer, Maruli Tampubolon, while Dennis Lyla was assisted only by his lawyer.

During her meeting at the Central Religious Court in Jakarta on (15/4) Thursday afternoon, Thalita Latief said all of her claims were contained in nine pages. For each point in the combination, this has not changed from the start.

“If previously there were nine pages of trial reading. So I couldn’t (say), but the points are, I’m sure my reporters here already know what the content is. Like our interviews, which were all in my trial, ”said Thalita Latief.

1. There are two important points

In the lawsuit, Thalita Latief made two important points, the first concerned her desire for divorce and custody of the children. Meanwhile, for this property, Thalita Latief did not take her to a divorce action because, according to Thalita Latief, Dennis Lyla never gave her life to her when she was married for about 10 years, Dennis would simply live only.

“What do you want to ask him. Anyway, I want this to end quickly, I also want the trial to be smooth until the end. I don’t want anything else. don’t want anyone to take the opportunity in this case the parties, ”he said.

“So I want this, I am looking for justice here. I am also looking for my right to live and also my child so I will fight until the end all I can fight for my life which has been lost for years So that’s it, ”he continued.

2. Will ride online

Following today’s trial, the divorce trial for Thalita Latief and Dennis Lyla will roll out online for the next two weeks. According to Thalita’s lawyer, this was done to shorten the trial process.

“Previously, we have just entered the subject of the case, namely the reading of the trial in which the trial was read, after which we will proceed to a court process. It is closed and we have not need to go to court. From the defense lawyer, the defendant agrees. “, concluded Maruli Tamlubolon.

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