Gojek-Tokopedia merger, researchers remind you to protect consumer data

This momentum must be matched by the government’s seriousness in providing a legal umbrella that protects consumers in terms of personal data and cybersecurity.

Jakarta (medialnews) – Pingkan Audrine Kosijungan, researcher at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), recalled that the Gojek and Tokopedia merger should make the protection of consumer data the main objective that deserves attention.

“Consumers should be informed whether specific or sensitive data such as transaction history and location data or user mobility will be freely accessible to each entity, which is integrated with each other,” he said. declared Tuesday in Jakarta.

On the other hand, Pingkan said that the merger came about as several regulations covering the digital economy have yet to regulate aspects of online consumer protection, particularly related to extended personal data protection.

Pingkan said the Personal Data Protection Bill (RUU) has yet to be passed, so the data use policy does not yet have a legal framework.

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Pingkan said that PP 71/2019 did in fact regulate the processing of personal data, but that detailed content regarding types of sensitive data and consent to transfer personal data would only be contained in the Privacy Act. personal data (PDP).

He said this requires not only policies related to data use, but also consumer approval for the sensitive data they provide while using the service.

According to him, the type of approval Gojek and Tokopedia have from their respective consumers needs to be looked at in more depth, including when it comes to consent to use the business internally.

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“Or can it be transferred to a partner company subject to encryption and anonymity,” he said.

Therefore, he suggested that the legislator and the executive seek a substantial contribution and prioritize the Personal Data Protection Bill and the Cyber ​​Security and Resilience Bill.

He stressed that the law on the protection of personal data should be promulgated taking into account data protection which can guarantee user consent, data security and transparency.

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“The bill must set realistic standards for businesses and consumers based on data protection risk and benefit scenarios,” he said.

However, he appreciated the merger of Tokopedia and Gojek as it has the potential to be an effort to overcome the impact of COVID-19 on business sustainability.

“This momentum must be matched by the government’s seriousness in providing a legal umbrella that protects consumers in terms of personal data and cybersecurity,” he said.

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Journalist: Astrid Faidlatul Habibah
Editor: Risbiani Fardaniah

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