GeNose applies for a permit to pass SNI

VIVA – GeNose, the Covid-19 screening tool from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) has entered a new phase. Currently, GeNose is in the process of submitting a national standard, namely the Indonesian National Standard (SNI).

Thanks to this SNI submission, it is hoped that every GeNose product marketed has a good quality standard. Currently, GeNose has a distribution license from the Ministry of Health, so even though it has not yet obtained an SNI, GeNose is still safe to use.

The head of the National Standards Agency for Indonesia (BSN), Kukuh S Ahmad, said standardization has two purposes. The first objective is the protection of health and safety. Meanwhile, the second goal is to improve the competitiveness of products both nationally and globally.

Kukuh explained that the SNI submission for GeNose includes sensor components, plastic components (to accommodate breath samples) and a number of other components.

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