Funniest is Jerome Polin Asked by THR by Waseda Boys: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jerome Polin is a YouTuber and Japanese student from Indonesia. Jerome often creates educational content and vlogs about his fun life in Japan. This time, Jérôme wanted to present the customs of the Indonesian people during Eid Al-Fitr to his Japanese friends.

Jerome’s friends named Tomo, Yusuke, and Otsuka are friends from the Waseda University campus, so the four are often referred to as Waseda Boys. These 4 friends also look compact with a batik shirt. To make the Eid celebrations even more lively and warm, Jérôme made and bought several Indonesian specialties.

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Jerome Polin

They also undergo one of the traditions of Eid, namely apologizing to each other. In addition to explaining the tradition of eating and apologizing, Jerome did not forget to mention vacation pay or THR.

“THR is that older people give pocket money to younger people,” Jerome said.

“Oh, in Japan the name is okodzukai (pocket money). When we go to grandma’s house, we usually give ourselves pocket money,” Otsuka said.

Hearing this, the Waseda Boys immediately looked at Jerome and asked for THR because he was older than Tomo, Yusuke, and Otsuka.

“I’m not old, you know” Jerome said seeing the cute gestures of his friends.

“But you’re 1 year older,” Tomo said.

“Yes, it’s only 1 year,” Jerome replied with a laugh.

Waseda Boys then visited a store that sold Indonesian goods. They buy crackers, beef, chicken and the like. Jerome was immediately excited when he saw the nastar in the shop. When paying for the groceries, Jerome was surprised by the bill, which reached 6,250 yen or the equivalent of Rp 820,000.

Let’s take a look at the excitement of Jerome and Waseda Boys only on the Nihongo Mantappu YouTube channel!


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