Found guilty, the prosecutor demands that Reza Artamevia be in prison for a year and a half

medialnews – After being postponed 3 times, the public prosecutor (JPU) finally read the charges against the artist Reza Artamevia who is charged in a drug addiction case. The wife of the late Adjie Massaid was convicted of a class 1 drug abuse crime. In accordance with article 127, paragraph 1, concerning narcotics.

<< Stating that the accused Reza Artamevia binti Adang Suharman has been legally and convincingly convicted of committing a class 1 drug crime for himself as in the second indictment in paragraph 1 of the Article 127 of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 35 of 2009 relating to narcotics, ”the prosecutor said Thursday during a trial for a drug case in the East Jakarta District Court (20/5) .

1. Claim for a year and a half in prison

In their requests, the prosecutor asked the judge to render a verdict on Reza Artamevia with a criminal sentence of 1 year 6 months or 1.5 years reduced from the period of detention during the duration of this case.

“Sentenced the defendant Reza Artamevia bint Adang Suharman to a reduced sentence of 1 year and 6 months while the defendant was in rehabilitation at the BNN Lido rehabilitation center with orders to put you in detention,” said the prosecutor.

2. Pledoi Session next week

With the applications read, lawyer Reza Artamevia will submit a plea or defense note which will be read at the next trial to be held on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

As a reminder, Reza Artamevia was secured in a restaurant in the Jatinegara district on September 4, 2020. From this arrest, the police managed to find evidence in the form of a crystal methamphetamine clip weighing 0.78 grams.

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