Floods hit 14 villages in West Aceh

VIVA – Heavy rains caused water from the river to overflow and flood 14 gampongs or villages in Aceh Barat district, Aceh province, according to the Aceh Disaster Management Agency.

According to the head of the Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA) Ilyas in Banda Aceh, on Saturday May 15, 2021, flooding since Friday around 11 p.m. has inundated residential areas in villages in East Woyla and West Woyla districts in the district of West Aceh.

According to BPBA data, floods flooded settlements of residents of Gampong / Alue Kuyun village in East Woyla district and Napai village, Alue Leuhop, Blang Luah, Cot Rambong, Pasi Malee, Lhok Malee, Blang Cotmameh , Lubok Pasi Ara, Peuleukueng, Kulam Kaju, Cot Lagan Lm, Blang Cot Rubek and Ulee Pasi Ara in West Woyla district.

“Settlements and (flooded) roads start from 30 centimeters to over a meter,” Ilyas said.

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