Five special dishes served in the hometown of the Olympic athletes in Tokyo

Jakarta (medialnews) – The Tokyo Olympics organizing committee has announced five special dishes to be served at the athletes village during the summer games, Kyodo News Agency reported Monday.

The five dishes were winners of last year’s recipe competition, including cold “somen” noodles, a classic dish often eaten in Japan during the summer.

While it is normal to soak the noodles in a lightly spiced soup stock, the noodles are served with chicken and vegetables in tomato stock to help athletes get the nutrition they need.

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Then another dish served is “oden”, the standard winter menu. However, the dish that is usually served hot is served in a cold soup with tomatoes and other summer vegetables, along with more Japanese ingredients, such as fish cakes or fish cakes.

“Oden” served in cold soup is one of the dishes served to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics. (Kyodo / Tokyo2020)

For dessert, a “zunda de panna cotta” is served, with sweet mashed green soybeans common in northeastern Japan.

Two other dishes are fried “zangi” salmon, which comes from Japan’s northernmost main island, Hokkaido, and toast with peaches, ham and cream cheese.

The contest, hosted by organizers and corporate sponsors in August and September last year, received more than 700 recipes.

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Reporter: Arindra Meodia
Editor: Bayu Kuncahyo

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