First pregnant child, Aurel Hermansyah becomes Moody: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Good news comes from the households of Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar. The newly married couple have now been fortunate enough to have a child.

The happiness felt by her husband could not be expressed in words. As the video of Aurel’s pregnancy announcement uploaded to his Youtube account @attahalilintar, he could only cry happily as he thanked God.

Before being tested positive for pregnancy, Aurel had felt unusual signs on his body. He often complained of pain all over his body. In fact, Atta shouldn’t even approach her.

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Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah

“I just feel weird, my body doesn’t feel good, I can’t touch it and it hurts,” Aurel said.

Not only that, Aurel admitted that he also felt more sensitive. Krisdayanti and Anang Hermansyah’s children admitted to being more sullen and irritable.

“So I’m really brooding, really sensitive, I just want to get angry,” he said.

Then, Aurel also admitted that he couldn’t hold out for long. When he wanted to go to the bathroom and tried to stand for about 10 minutes, Aurel’s legs could not support his weight either.

“Then I was in the toilet for only 10 minutes and I was tired, sore,” he added.

After experiencing this incident, Atta and Aurel decided to check their condition with a gynecologist. The doctor said Aurel’s uterine wall was thickening. However, thickened walls can be two signs of your period or pregnancy.

However, Aurel chose to continue to check her pregnancy through a test pack without Atta’s knowledge. This was done for the purpose of surprising her beloved husband.

Indeed, during a test pack in front of her husband, there were two lines produced by the device, that is to say positively pregnant. To verify the truth, Aurel also sent a message to the doctor.

“I talked to the doctor, I took the test kit. The doctor said, ‘I was thinking about it.’ So he said on the ultrasound yesterday that I was also pregnant,” he said. she declared.


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