Fajar reunion at night, overtaking Jalan Tikus, escape to the village, installation of a haunted house

Thursday, April 29, 2021 – 9:46 a.m. WIB

Fajar comes home at night, through Jalan Tikus, escapes village, gets into haunted house - JPNN.com

A member of the Jogo Tonggo Task Force while monitoring the quarantine house for residents who are ready to return home in Sidomulyo Village, Ampel District, Boyolali Regency, Central Java, Thursday (4/29/2021). Photo: medialnews / Bambang Dwi Marwoto

medialnews, BOYOLALI – Residents of Sidomulyo village in Ampel sub-district, Boyolali Regency, Central Java Province, who are currently on assistance, will be quarantined if they return home for Eid 2021.

The government of Sidomulyo village has prepared a house that has long been empty and is believed to be haunted to quarantine residents who are desperate to return home from abroad before this year’s Eid.

According to local residents, the empty house in Dukuh Piji sendang area, Sidomulyo village, which has been prepared as a quarantine place for travelers, is still achievable. However, the area of ​​the house is classified as haunted, with a lot of ghosts.

Head of village Sidomulyo Moh. Sawali in Boyolali on Thursday (4/29) said the village government had chosen the house as a quarantine location to prevent migrants from Lebaran from returning home, considering that the central government had imposed a ban on returning to their homes. to prevent an increase in cases of transmission of covid19.

Sawali said the village government implemented the policy based on the experience in 2020.

According to him, residents of Ampel district who were first exposed to COVID-19 in 2020 were from Sidomulyo village and the village government did not want something similar to happen during the return period of Eid this year.

Sawali said that since the start of Ramadan, the village government had urged people who wandered not to return home.

If there are residents who are desperate to return home and cannot show a doctor’s health certificate or letter without COVID-19, the village government is forcing them to undergo a seven-day quarantine. to the place that was prepared.


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