Epy Kusnandar’s polite demeanor when checked by police on the road to congratulate netizens

JAKARTA – Epy Kusnandar is in the spotlight of Internet users. The attitude of actor Kang Mus in the soap opera Preman Pensiun earned praise when she faced a traffic stop amid the ebb for Eid 2021.

This can be seen from the download of the @polantasindonesia account. Epy got out of his vehicle in the Nagreg area of ​​West Java to confront police and other officers.

Epy Kusnandar

Epy seemed to be going through the review process well. He even smiled sweetly at the officers in front of him.

“Hampura Kang Mus,” @polantasindonesia wrote on Monday (5/17/2021).

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The download was immediately inundated with various comments from internet users. Many praised Epy’s friendly and rule-abiding attitude towards officers when questioned.

“Lesson for the crazy big citizens. Here is the legend of the thugs who obey the rules,” commented @chapuydesta.

“The thugs are just smiling, it’s the other guys, why are you all emotional?” satire @iraiviansyah.

“Hi the word fame but always be courteous,” @ anakhulu74 commented.


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