Elected brand ambassador of a beauty clinic in the middle of filming, Amanda Manopo: Soleh’s Child’s Rezeki

medialnews – Amanda Manopo is currently on the rise since starring in soap operas LOVE BOND. Thanks to this, he also became a hot seller, being the brand ambassador of various products.

In the midst of her busy striptease shoot, Amanda Manopo was even seen attending the opening of a beauty clinic where she became a brand ambassador. The former lover of Billy Syahputra also feels grateful because in this month of Ramadan he received a lot of abundant food.

“Alhamdulillah, many godly children in the month of Ramadan have contracted,” Amanda Manopo said during the meeting at the inauguration of the NBS clinic in Bogor, West Java on Sunday (4/18) .

1. It could be better

Amanda Manopo also revealed that she can bring products that have a cooperation contract with her to improve and improve.

“Yes, I hope with that, I hope I can bring these products that are under contract with me to be even better,” said the 21-year-old.

2. Can care if the shooting interrupted

Amanda Manopo, who tours the Bogor area daily, admits that she is happy because if there is time to rest, she can take care of the clinic. Because since the filming of the striptease, he has not had time to be pampered for body and skin care.

“So far I’ve never had any treatment, but now I’m happy because the NBS is open, so I’ll be coming here often. If I wait there (the filming location) for two hours, suddenly I disappears, which means I’m here, ”Amanda said. Manopo.

“Because I’m now a resident of Bogor, yes. I’m not going home this time. It’s close to my filming location. So I’m very happy to be able to ride a motorbike for only half an hour here.” , he concluded with a laugh.

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