Don’t run away, threatened to be killed

VIVA – Case of detainees fleeing the detention center of the National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) of the province of North Sumatra, class I detention center in Medan, Sunday morning, May 16. It was revealed that the brain of the perpetrator of the escape action threatened other prisoners to flee. Otherwise, threatened with being killed.

This was revealed by the head of the Narcotics Eradication Division of BNNP in North Sumatra, Kombes Pol. Sempana Sitepu at the BNNP North Sumatra office in Medan, Tuesday afternoon, May 18, 2021. He said two prisoners were ready to escape, suspected of being the masterminds of the escape.

The two, namely Rahmat Hidayatulloh (RH) alias Muhammad Isbandi, a resident of Perum Bukit Melati, Markopolo Street, Dapur 12 District, Batam City, Riau Islands and Marzuki Ahmad (MA), a resident of Jalan Irrigation, Jeunieb District, Bireun Regency, Aceh.

“Even the information was not passed on. There was a threat of death, the brains of the initiators of MA and RH,” Sempana said.

Further, Sempana explained that according to the statement, the detainees did not escape, it was known that Rahmat Hidayatulloh and Marzuki Ahmad had planned to run away and prepare chili water to splash on the faces and eyes of the guards during the incident.

“It’s based on the inmates who fled, but we were members before the arrest. It took several days of planning. Including the chili water, they scoop it from the food scraps,” said Sempana.

Sempana called on the four still fleeing inmates to surrender immediately. If this will not be firmly measurable. Because the joint team was chasing them from their hiding place.

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