Doctor viral curhatan about his patient, be loyal to his wife

JAKARTA – The world of cyberspace was shocked by the story viral a husband affair. An affair that resulted in him contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and eventually passing it on to his wife.

This story was told by Indah Permata in her personal Tiktok account on Monday (12/04/2021). This skin and venereal specialist tells the story of his patient with venereal disease.

“The male patient came for treatment with complaints of purulent urine. After passing an exam, it is possible that his legal wife contracted it. I suggest taking his wife for treatment, so that she can be cured, ”Indah said in her Tiktok @ indahpermata0402.

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The disease, which this man passed on to his wife, is believed to be the result of his infidelity. Indah admitted that her patient had warned her not to mention the issue of infidelity. Also, regarding the possibility that the disease was transmitted to his wife.

“The patient warned me not to let his wife know he was having an affair and transmitting the disease,” he said.

The next day, the patient and his wife came to see him again. The patient is now present with his wife, who is a housewife dressed in simple clothes.

Indah describes his wife as having eyes that imply trust and affection for her partner. The woman also looks anxious when she asks Indah about her husband’s condition.

“He asked: my husband is sick or what doc? Are you okay? With an anxious expression on his face,” Indah explained, they repeated the scene.

Additionally, in the comments column, Indah admitted that this incident was nothing new to her. He has dealt with many similar cases which are repeated so far.

“I encounter situations like this every day. Not once or twice, but thousands of cases. Sad, sad, disappointed, confused, even unblemished, ”Indah said in the comments column.

At the end of the video, this doctor leaves a message to Internet users who have watched the video. To advise us to be faithful to our partners. Don’t do things that might hurt your partner in the future.

“Be true to your partner. Don’t let the mistakes you make affect the partner who truly loves you, ”the doctor ordered to shut down the video.

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This download also invites various comments from Internet users. On average, it highlights the fatal acts of the husband that have bad consequences for his wife. There are also Internet users who say they are concerned about his wife.

“It’s a lesson for husbands. Remember that “public toilets” are dirty !! Said the @ indahwahyuni119 account.

“The poor woman doesn’t know anything,” the @ Ardita789 account said.

“His wife has taken care of his honor, takes care of herself for her husband, but her husband plays everywhere and even carries diseases (crying emoticons),” the @lrsptri account said.

The video uploaded by Indah has been viewed up to 654 thousand times on Tiktok media. Obtain around 28,000 likes and 1,077 comments from Internet users. This video was also distributed during the 1800s on various media.

(Representative: Timothhy Putra Noya)


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