Dissemination of 1000 banners, Popular Alliance against Pegadaian and merger of the BRI

© medialnews. Deployment of 1000 banners, merger of the Popular Alliance against Pegadaian and the BRI

The pro-people activist group rejects the outfit of BRI (JK 🙂 and Pegadaian, which was initiated by the BUMN ministry. They considered that the exploitation would ignore the plight of the little people, who had been helped by the presence of Pegadaian.

By way of rejection, the BUMN Concerned People’s Alliance (AR BUMN) installed 1,000 banners in Jabodetabek.

ARP BUMN coordinator Jati Pramestianto revealed that in addition to putting up banners, they will also invite workers, activists and students to join the action.

The Popular Alliance for BUMN, Jati said, regretted the plan holding BRI and Pegadaian. The two are different business entities. Of course, this holding action is equivalent to the privatization of the shares of the two BUMNs which have been in contact with micro-enterprises and serving the needs of the funds of small populations.

“This amounts to the disguised privatization of Pegadaian, even though public ownership of BIS shares is dominant. I’m afraid this will change the focus of the SOE sector on micro-finance, ”said Jati, who as a student led the hunger strike.

According to Jati, so far Pegadaian has played an important role in supporting the popular economy as it helps serve people who cannot be served by banks. Pawn shops also play an important role in helping to prevent people from being trapped by loan sharks.

“We, the people who have been helped by Pegadaian, are worried that there will be a change in the business environment,” said the head of the Indonesian Journalists and Writers Foundation.

So far, Jati said, Pegadaian’s performance has been very good. There is no reason why a detention plan should be. The ultra-micro holding BUMN should focus on efforts to increase credit or capital assistance for its micro-enterprises. How can MSMEs that have had difficulty accessing capital be supported and guided, including farming and fishing businesses, which the BIS has struggled to reach so far?

“This actually prioritizes the privatization of its shares, rather than focusing on efforts to capitalize on MSMEs,” said the activist from the Marhaen Youth Front.

Jati revealed that since its inception, Pegadaian had a special mission, which is to combat the practice of bond money, loan sharks and loan sharks, as well as focus on middle to lower class society, not just ultra microphone.

In this way, it is not possible for Pegadaian to be incorporated into Ultra Micro Holding because the clients they hold are not limited to the ultra-micro only, and the percentage of small ultra-micro clients there.

In addition, according to him, the scheme of pledged loans in banks is also different from the microcredit provided by banks. Pawn shops, only to bridge the urgent needs of the community.

“The character of pledged credit is very different from micro or bank credit. Because it serves as a relay, for urgent needs,” he said.

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