Director-General of the Ministry of Social Affairs refuses to receive money, but receives an agate ring

Pepen said Adi Wahyono paid 50 million rupees for his carnelian ring.

medialnews, JAKARTA – The director general of social protection and security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Pepen Nazaruddin, has denied receiving money from fresh the purchase of basic Covid-19 food assistance. However, he admitted that he had a carnelian ring.

“Have you ever received money from Matheus Joko Santoso or Adi Wahyono in the amount of Rp. 1 billion?” asked the head of the panel of judges Muhammad Damis at the Corruption Court (Tipikor) Jakarta, Monday (10/5).

“No,” replied Pepen, who witnessed the defendant, former social minister Juliari Batubara.

Juliari has been accused of accepting bribes of Rs 32.482 billion from 109 companies providing Covid-19 social assistance. The indictment stated that Pepen Nazaruddin had received 1 billion rupees from fresh which was submitted by the company providing Covid-19 food assistance.

“Have you ever received anything or a gift?” asked Judge Damis.

“He paid for my carnelian ring,” Pepen replied.

Pepen said Adi Wahyono paid 50 million rupees for his carnelian ring, which cost 60 million rupees. Adi, which Pepen stands for, is Adi Wahyono as the head of the Ministry of Social Affairs who serves as the Budget User Agent (KPA) for the purchase of basic Covid-19 food aid in April-September 2020 as well as the creator of commitments (PPK) for the purchase of COVID-19 basic food aid for the period October-December 2020.

“So at that time, I was offered a ring by the store, because (the money) was not enough, when I called it happened that there was Mr. Adi in front, I offered him maybe interested, ”Pepen said.

The Carnelian Ring is still in Pepen’s hands today. Pepen also admitted to buying a Brompton-branded bike from Adi Wahyono. “(The bike) has the same connection funbike, at that time, Adi offered to step 1, there were 9 steps, ”added Pepen.

However, Pepen admits he already has a Brompton bicycle worth Rs 50million. “I think there is an inventory distribution, but there is no label for public goods,” Pepen said.

Currently, the pink Brompton bike has been handed over to the KPK. “The KPK took it because it was believed to be from one of the budget funds that Mr Adi managed because he was asked to return it, I’ll just hand it over,” Pepen said. .

Pepen also admitted that Adi offered the money but refused. “I refused the money because I didn’t want to, at that time Mr. Adi was putting it back in my room,” Pepen said.

source: Antara

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