Depok companies are required to perform antigen testing on their employees

Depok City companies are required to perform rapid antigen testing for their employees

Depok (medialnews) – Companies in Depok City, West Java, are required to perform antigen swab tests on their employees, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in offices after the holidays of Lebaran 2021.

“Depok City companies are required to perform rapid antigen testing for their employees. These tests are performed at local offices at company expense or at personal expense. This means that when the employees come in, they carry a COVID-19-free certificate, ”Depok city manpower bureau chief Manto said in a statement, he told Wednesday. Depok.

He said the activity followed the Mayor’s letter number of Depok: 8.02 / 401 / SATGAS / 2021 regarding rapid antigen testing for refluxing residents on the way home. Previously, this letter had also been sent to the Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo) and other companies.

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“Alhamdulillah, if seen by Apindo members, almost all of them have done this test. However, there are also some who have not performed a rapid antigen test because the company has not yet operated or is still on vacation, ”he explained.

Manto hopes that this preventive approach can prevent the formation of the COVID-19 cluster, especially in companies or offices.

“I hope we will avoid all the dangers of the Covid-19 virus, especially in office groups,” he said.

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He said his party had carried out surveillance in several companies. As a result of this visit, he received a report indicating that in PT Medifarma, out of 370 people who were tested, one of them tested positive.

“Meanwhile, PT Yanmar, out of 452 people tested, found two positive people with symptom-free status (OTG). Meanwhile, at PT Bayer, a PCR sample was taken, the results of which would be published within the next two. at three days, ”he said.

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Manto hopes the company can provide the right policies to employees who have a positive indication of COVID-19. In this way, transmission can be prevented.

“This rapid test is one of the filters to ensure that there is no transmission of COVID-19 in office clusters. We hope that the health protocols in companies will continue to be improved so that the transmission of COVID-19 can be removed, ”he said.

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Journalist: Feru Lantara
Editor: Agus Salim

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