Democrats ready to face demands

The Democratic KLB faction will lay criminal charges over efforts to patent Democrats.

MEDIALNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The Democratic Party of Extraordinary Congress (KLB) is considering filing a criminal and civil complaint in response to measures taken by the Chairman of the Democratic Party’s High Council, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), who has patented the Democratic Party to the General Directorate of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Democratic Party top council member Syarief Hasan stressed that the Democratic Party will not be afraid to face these demands. “We are ready to face it,” said Syarief, Sunday (11/4).

Syarief pointed out that SBY was the initiator and founder of the Democratic Party even though his name was not registered. Starting from the name, symbol and meaning, party ideology, from the march song to the hymn of the Democratic Party created by SBY. Therefore, he felt that the approach was correct. “Pak SBY’s decision to register it as a patent right is correct and must be made,” he said.

Meanwhile, the registered founders, Syarief said, knew nothing about the process of establishing the Democratic Party idea. “They only meet the requirements for establishment and the number of names of the 99 founders is taken from the September 9 anniversary of SBY,” he said.

Syarief also responded to the existence of an open letter on behalf of Wisnu Herryanto Krestowo who claimed to be the creator of the Democratic Party symbol. He said one of SBY’s goals to register the Democratic Party with the Director General of Intellectual Property at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights was to anticipate the existence of parties claiming to be the emblem of the Democratic Party. “It is precisely a question of rejecting claims like that and perhaps more in the future”, declared the vice-president of the MPR.

Previously, the initiator of the Extraordinary Democratic Party (KLB) Extraordinary Congress Hencky Luntung said that SBY had registered the intellectual property rights of the Democratic Party (HAKI) in his personal name was considered naïve. Hencky stressed that the Democratic Party does not belong only to SBY.

“I don’t know if it is theft, public lies, fraud, I do not understand what I have to say, for sure we will say it is a public lie with an act that actually falsified the act of establishing a political party, ”Hencky said in an online discussion., Sunday (4/11).

In addition, an open letter was also circulated by one of the founders of the Democratic Party on behalf of Wisnu Heryyanto Krestowo. In his letter, Wisnu expressed his objection to SBY’s request to register the Democratic Party with the General Directorate of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

“Because we have just returned from abroad, we are also collecting authentic evidence to file a criminal complaint against the Criminal Investigation Unit of the police against Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono et al who allegedly falsified genuine documents in the Party Congress Democrat 2020 and civil charges through the PTUN for The Menkumham ratified the AD / ART resulting from the manipulation and formation of the DPP of the Democratic Party based on nepotism, ”Wisnu said in one of the points. fundamental objection of the open letter.

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