Data breach, BPJS Dewas calling national security threatened

BPJS Kesehatan’s personal data leak is never expected to happen again.

medialnews, JAKARTA – BPJS Kesehatan Supervisory Board (Dewas) Chairman Achmad Yurianto has felt that there is a threat to national security, if the data leak of BPJS Kesehatan participants is true. In addition, the amount of data circulating in cyberspace is quite large.

“While it is true that the data is held and conforms to reality, this national security risk will be increasingly visible,” Yuri said during a hearing (RDP) with the IX DPR Commission on Tuesday (25 / 5).

The data leak from BPJS Kesehatan participants also has the potential to recur. Indeed, the system belonging to these institutions is connected from the central level to the regions.

For this reason, he asked BPJS Kesehatan BPJS to immediately investigate the alleged data breach. So that the leaks do not happen again and it becomes an impetus to strengthen the computer security system of BPJS Kesehatan.

“This is important so that the leak is not sustainable, because as part of the risks that we have created, it is also related to the fact that other data has been hacked,” Yuri said.

Dewas BPJS Kesehatan also proposed an extensive system coordinated by the relevant ministries / agencies. The goal is to prevent cyber attacks, including data breaches.

“In order not to become a unit that seems to be autonomous but to become a security system against cyber attacks against government institutions,” Yuri said.

BPJS Kesehatan CEO Ali Ghufron Mukti assures attendee services will not be affected by suspected data breach cases. Therefore, it is hoped that people attending BPJS Kesehatan will not be concerned that the service will be interrupted.

Ali made sure that the public, BPJS Kesehatan, never gave out any information or personal data about the participants to irresponsible people.
BPJS Kesehatan also claims Ali, so far he has tried to protect participants’ personal data with multiple levels of security. He said that so far BPJS Kesehatan’s data security system uses technology with standards and applicable laws and regulations.

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