Data analysis capacity becomes a need in higher education

Report by reporter Fahdi Fahlevi

medialnews, JAKARTA – MM in Digital Business and FinTech Kalbis Institute program manager John Vong said every worker in the future must make decisions using information in the form of numbers and text.

This ability can be instilled through the transfer of education to higher education.

“In particular, the ability to develop ideas and forecasts based on complex data analysis is an important skill for managers today,” John said in a written statement on Thursday (6/5/2021) .

These capabilities, including the use of data analysis tools to see business trends, help understand customer engagement.

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Besides assessing financial performance and designing the best supply chain system will be key requirements.

Using data to make decisions about marketing, financial and operations management, as well as human resources will also be essential in the future.

“Today’s managers will describe and solve business problems like a data scientist. They will perform analyzes using a research paradigm, both qualitative and quantitative methods, ”John said.

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The Kalbis Institute has launched a new program for the postgraduate level of the Master of Management program.

In particular, namely MM in Digital Business and FinTech. This program is designed to prepare the workforce for the digital age.

“They will also learn how to collect data from a variety of sources, filter data, process data and analyze data,” John said.

This program will also be supported by several teachers such as Dr. Samuel Padibjo (University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom), Dr. CN Goh, (Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom), Michael Gaskins (Drexel University, Philadelphia , USA), Dr. Nana BA (Griffith University, Queensland, Australia).

“At the Kalbis Institute, you will be guided to explore descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics. You will also be introduced to the process of analysis for application, development and innovation in finding business solutions, ”said John.

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