Covid-19 tests must be massive with great mobility

The target population is symptomatic and has had close contact.

medialnews, BANJARMASIN – Member of the expert team of the University of Lambung Mangkurat (ULM) for the acceleration of the management of the Covid-19 Hidayatullah Muttaqin SE, MSI, Pg.D said trial Covid-19 must be more massive with the great mobility of people at the time of Eid al-Fitr this year.

“The target is residents who are showing symptoms and who have had close contact. This is important to reduce the rate of spread by performing as much isolation or treatment as possible for those who are confirmed positive for Covid-19,” he told Banjarmasin. South Kalimantan, Saturday (15/5).

Taqin revealed that the ban on returning home this year did not reduce the mobility of the population during fasting or before Eid. Based on data from Apple Maps and Google, He said government policy had not been able to suppress the mobility of the population better than the situation in 2020.

Taqin calls the index of mobility trends Apple Cards The mobility of the population using two- and four-wheeled vehicles before Eid in 2021 is much higher than in 2020. The difference is 40 to 60%.

Meanwhile, using data on the mobility of the population in Google’s public transport hubs, the mobility of the population in Ramadan 2021 is 20 to 50% higher than in 2020. “When the ban on return home from May 6, 2021, the mobility of the population using vehicles and public transport has indeed decreased drastically.anticipating return early, especially as travel restrictions have been imposed from April 22, ”he explained.

As a result, the data Google and Apple Cards showed a significant increase in vehicle and public transport trips before May 6. Likewise, the mobility of the population in the air has increased very sharply.

According to Taqin, the ban on returning home only decreases the mobility of the population between islands and between regions. On the other hand, the community has responded to the ban on returning home by increasing local mobility.

Data-driven Google, this is indicated by the decrease in the duration of mobility in residential areas. This means that the movement of people outside the house is increasing. For example, the mobility of the population to traditional markets, supermarkets, grocery stores and pharmacies to meet household needs has exploded beyond baseline or the normal situation before the pandemic.

“Based on this reason, it can be said that the government failed to control the mobility of the population before Eid, which resulted in a higher potential for transmission of Covid-19,” he said. -he explains.

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