Coordinating Minister Luhut is ready to facilitate Malang Raya’s economic potential

Batu City, East Java (medialnews) – Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Coordination (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan has said he is ready to provide facilitation to boost economic potential from the Grand Malang region.

Luhut said one of the commitments conveyed was the effort to facilitate the acceleration of the construction of a cable car in Batu City, east Java, which should also involve the community in the investment.

“Previously Seto (Deputy Investment and Mining Coordination) I had a brief briefing on this cable car, we will try to make it work,” Luhut said on Monday in Batu City, east Java.

Luhut believes that the construction of the project will continue because based on the information received, the Batu City megaproject will involve the local community to be able to invest.

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Luhut added, regarding the financing needs for the construction of the Batu City Cable Car, he said he would help take follow-up action. Funding needs will be calculated.

“I think the government will have facilities, we will. We will help follow this cable car to the village of Jeru, there are several phases. Later the needs will be calculated,” said Luhut.

In addition to the mega cable car project in Batu city, Luhut also mentioned the public transport development plan in Malang city, east Java. The mayor of Malang Sutiaji, asked the central government to facilitate the plan.

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“We will help facilitate the construction of LRT, as we already have experience for LRT in Jakarta. We already know the points, so we don’t need to import from outside,” said Luhut.

Meanwhile, linked to the potential of coastal tourism in the regency of Malang, most of which are still under the authority of Perum Perhutani. Luhut said his party would help resolve the issue.

“As for the beach, earlier the Malang Regent and the team saw the beach. We will finish Perhutani, so the beach can be a good tourist destination from here,” Luhut said.

In a joint meeting with the mayor of Batu Dewanti Rumpoko, the mayor of Malang Sutiaji and the regent of Malang M Sanusi, as well as commercial actors of the Grand Malang region, an explanation of the economic potential of the region was conducted. .

Journalist: Vicki Febrianto
Editor: Budi Suyanto

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