Controversial Tweet from Gal Gadot on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Okezone celebrity

LOS ANGELES – Gal Gadot has expressed concern for the safety of his relatives who are in Israel. As we know, the situation in Israel and Palestine is heating up.

On Twitter, Gal Gadot expressed concern for the safety of his family and friends in Israel. Unfortunately, her way of conveying and the choice of words used by the Wonder Woman star have given her a flood of criticism.

Quoting Gal Gadot’s Twitter Thursday (5/13/2021), the following is a full transcript of the artist’s controversial tweet, born in Israel 36 years ago:

“My heart is broken. My country is at war. I worry about my family, my friends. I worry about my people.

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“It’s a vicious cycle that has gone on for too long. Israel has the right to live as a free and safe country. Our neighbor (the state) is the same.

Gal gadot

“I pray for all the victims and their families. I pray that this unimaginable war will end. I pray that our leaders find solutions, so that we can coexist in peace. I pray for better days.”


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