Coming home is limited, car sales tend to be stable

Jakarta (medialnews) – The holy month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, accompanied by a homecoming culture, are usually highly anticipated times by auto industry players, as car sales typically new or used will increase.

However, with the existence of a 2021 ban and restricted return home policy to prevent transmission of the COVID-19 virus, sales of cars, including used cars, before Eid have not changed significantly.

Director of Operations (COO) Mobil88, Sutadi, in an online media discussion on Thursday, said that one of the factors why used car sales still tend to be stable or less affected is due to sales tax easing. on luxury goods (PPnBM) which has been introduced since last March and has driven up the rate of public consumption.

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“The relaxation causes people who initially refuse to buy, to buy. The level of consumption has increased. So far there has been no cancellation of SPK (Vehicle Order Letter) because it is prohibited to go home, ”Sutadi said.

“Consumption on market, (people) buy it because there is a nice discount. And this right of return seasonalIn the past, every time Eid (car sales) went up. But, this year is unique. He should still be optimistic. But recently there has been an alarming spike in (COVID-19 cases) in India, so we also need to be vigilant, ”he added.

In addition, Sutadi said that PPnBM brings fresh air to the automotive industry, especially in the used car segment.

“The auto industry has started to get excited again, and the government is supporting it financially with down payments and low interest rates. Used cars are derivatives of new cars, so this has a positive impact on us. This relaxation has a very positive impact. on us, ”he said. Sutadi.

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“If normally, market no return yet. But 2021 is better than 2020 at the start of the pandemic in March. The comparison is far enough, ”he added.

Sutadi revealed that the most frequently targeted type of used car is a sport utility vehicle (SUV). According to him, SUVs are suitable for drivers in Indonesia, especially in big cities like Jakarta.

“SUVs can operate in two conditions. For example, in Jakarta, puddles are common. customer choose a large vehicle. The SUV is still a mainstay of market us, ”he said.

Toyota Rush, Xenia, Avanza, Innova, in Terios are in demand. Fortuner is the most attractive. In class middle and between, markettend not to go down. Whoever got off was in class instead low segment like the Avanza down, ”he added.

Sutadi continued, his company also began to focus on selling online on digital platforms. Mobil88 recently launched an online store that makes it easy for users to sell and transact cars online.

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