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© medialnews. Circulating gallons of BPA reuse hoax, GAPMMI supports BPOM’s decisive action to spread

The Indonesian Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (GAPMMI) advises the public to follow the guidelines of the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) in responding to hoax news raised by some parties on the media social and multiple media. online related to the dangers of polycarbonate (PC) recycling bisphenol A (BPA) gallons for babies.

BPOM has ensured that Reusable Gallon Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK) circulating in the market is safe for consumption.

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“We therefore support what has been conveyed by BPOM, namely that the reusable gallons currently circulating on the market and already marked with SNI are safe for public use,” GAPMMI General Chairman Adhi S. Lukman said on Tuesday. , Tuesday (9/3/2021). .

Regarding support for this government, GAPMMI has also posted it on its official website. Recently, articles have circulated massively and periodically in the media about the dangers contained in one of the food and drink products, namely bottled drinking water (AMDK). Reuse gallon of polycarbonate (PC) associated with BPA content.

According to GAPMMI, the source of this news or information is from a party whose background and expertise is not yet known to speak to the safety aspects of processed foods in Indonesia.

In its post, GAPMMI said that this type of hoax problem often occurs in other food and beverage categories as well. << In accordance with the laws and regulations relating to food safety and standards governing the quality of products, including food products in Indonesia, the party authorized to make public statements and supervise certain aspects of food safety is the Food and Drug Administration of the Republic of Indonesia (BPOM). "

He explained that the party authorized to set the standard for a product is the National Standards Agency (BSN) and the party authorized to apply a standard for food products is the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, according to GAPMMI, BPOM has explicitly made an official statement regarding the safety of AMDK gallon products for reuse in Indonesia which was posted on the BPOM official website and several media also confirmed that the decay (migration) of BPA in gallon packaging for reuse and decomposition of PCs of single-use packaged polyethylene terephthalate (PET) acetaldehyde is still well below the threshold of food packaging standards set in Indonesia

The Department of Industry has also explicitly stated that bottled water, whether packaged in gallons for PC reuse or single-use PET gallons, meets the mandatory SNI for AMDK, meaning it is safe for consumption.

BSN also expressly declares in its public statements in various media that bottled water is safe for consumption as it meets the SNI which guarantees aspects of quality and food safety.

The Department of Communications and Computing has also explicitly stated that information about the dangers of reusing gallon bottled water products associated with BPA is included in the disinformation category, a.k.a. hoax.

GAPMMI also greatly appreciates the measures taken by BPOM by inviting a meeting of the GAPMMI and ASPADIN associations on March 8, 2021, to convey the measures that BPOM has taken and will take to put an end to this problem.

“At the time, we supported this strong government action so that this hoax news did not cause public unrest and undermine a healthy business climate. Thus, the food and beverage industry in general and the AMDK industry in particular can emerge from the crisis caused by the current Covid 19 pandemic, develop healthily and continue to contribute to the economic development of the Indonesia that we all love. “said Adhi.

Previously, the Association in the Field of Surveillance and Protection of Contractors of Drinking Water Depots (Asdamindo) also asked BPOM to immediately write to the Ministry of Communication and Information to immediately block any news. regarding the dangers of bisphenol A (BPA) gallons in PolyCarbonate (PC). Apparently the news is clearly meant to bring down the depot drinking water refill contractors who are so dependent on that gallon.

Seeing the strangeness of this BPA problem, Erik suspects that there are parties who want to ditch drinking water refill products. “I wondered if there could be a hint of business competition wanting to bring down the charging business. Maybe there are those who are against it because they feel competitive from the point of view of commercial view, ”he said.

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