Child called Bau Bawang, Uya Kuya merges with Denise Chariesta: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Presenter Uya kuya reveal the start of the fight with celebrities Denise chariesta on social networks. It turned out it started when Denise called her worn out car.

Astrid Kuya’s husband also responded to Denise’s statement with the intention of joking. However, the problem worsened when the celebrity uploaded content that offended Uya’s daughter, Cinta Kuya.

Uya Kuya. (Photo: Instagram / @ king_uyakuya)

“He said, Cinta halu’s hobby. OK OK. But hey, he told Cinta to use deodorant so she wouldn’t smell of onions. What does it mean? How is it that it is spreading everywhere, ”he said during a meeting in the Tendean region, south of Jakarta.

Uya Kuya did not accept Denise’s statement that offended the princess. The 46-year-old immediately intervened, sending a message via Instagram.

Unfortunately, Denise did not respond to the DM. Uya did all she could, including going straight to Denise’s residence. But his presence was categorically rejected.

Denise Chariesta. (Photo: Instagram / @ karbearv)

“I came to his place, didn’t he go out. He didn’t want to come down and tell me how dare I fight. Even though the intention of my visit was to have a good conversation with him, ”said Uya Kuya. *

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